26 Recipes You Can Make In a Muffin Tin

What could be more convenient than these perfectly portioned bites?

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  3. I am HIV positive and my partner is negative, i was tested +ve in 2011 and I’m on ARVs i still want to have a child i want to do it naturally ,is it safe to my partner and the baby ?

  4. i was tested HIv pos this year but dint know when i got infected.My CD4 for the first time was 250,but after two months of collection,it went down to 233.What can be done to increase this though am on CTRM.DO i need to get another drug or what.I have to wait till October before another test can be conducted.Thanks

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  6. I had a dream that i transformed into a (werewolf sized) green lion, all of a sudden it was like the end of the world, nd i was this lion fighting nd killing zombies or zombie like people. All of a sudden i was joined by 2 other spirit animals(blue goat,& purple bear) i start we start running up a glass like tower and jumped into another part of the world. Were we had to fight some mysterious dark hooded figure. The goat was killed first, than.later the bear died. But i survived and deafeated the dark figure.

  7. Hi there… I am 35 weeks pregnant & have been taking Tribuss since I was 12 weeks. The problem is I dont take my meds at the same time everynight. I take them at 9, sometimes 9.30 or even 10 pm. Will this affect my baby? I am really worried.

  8. Beware the man who wants a position in your life wherein he can sabotage your livelihood, income, or projects. You’ll know the signs. Don’t give him trust.

  9. Hi i jst need to know how dangerous is it if i dnt proceed with the tablet named norstan isonniazid.i have been diagnosed to hiv and my doctor told me my cd4 count is down to 295.i am afraid to start arvs.is it posible for it to be up again without taking treament?i am just so afraid.please help

  10. This varies a lot between different people. Usually within a week or two it should get better. If it continues than talk to your doctor about this.

  11. I am positive but my partner is not,I am planning to have a baby but I am afraid to take ARVs for the rest of my life. My viral load is undetactable and CD4 count is 600. Does this mean I will take the ARVs for the rest of my life if I plan to have a baby?

  12. Enormously educational many thanks, I do believe your visitors will most likely want further blog posts similar to this maintain the excellent effort.

  13. There are incredibly loads of details that way to take into consideration. This is a wonderful point out raise up. I provide thoughts above as general inspiration but clearly you will discover questions like the one you start up the location where the biggest factor are going to be working in honest very good faith. I don?t know if best practices have emerged about things like that, but I am certain that your chosen job is clearly defined as a good game. Both little ones feel the impact of simply a moment’s pleasure, through-out their lives.

  14. I am 28 years old and I am HIV positive since 2010. I am strong and fit and it was difficult for me to accept but one day I told my partner about it and she went and got tested. We found out she is negative. She is very supportive and she is looking after me and make sure that I eat well. Now I am taking Odimune and I don’t even have side effects. Can i mix alcohol and Odimune?

  15. My dream was of a brown horse with black accents (main, feet, nose, Tail, etc.) It was going to be put down (not by me) because it had a broken lower leg. The horse began talking to me telepathically begin me to make them stop and not kill it. He was telling me he was going to be ok and would heal just fine. I was able to convince the rancher to NOT down the horse and the horse swung his head knocking me to the ground then laid down next to me and rubbed his head and face all over me thanking me for saving him. It was awesome.

  16. I’ve been HIV positive since 2010. I was on the treatment and nothing was wrong with me but in May 2014 they gave a pill called Atroiza and now they gave me another one call Odimune I want to know they are not going to make me sick? What is the difference?

  17. In my present and past home I have had coyotes come into my yard in broad daylight. Non-aggressively. I have no small animals. This morning it was a very young pup who was very timid and gentle. I live in city limits and it was trapped on the inside of my chain link. I still have no idea how it got there. Animal control assured me that they would take it unharmed to a out of city limit area. I feel some sort of connection with this animal, which is why I searched the meaning online. Any comments or ideas as to why the coyote literally lands in my lap frequently??

  18. Transit TV generated very little revenue for Metro – maybe the cost of a bus a year. I would rather pay an extra five or ten cents per trip than listen to that annoyance. Good riddance, even if I did enter a contest occasionally.

  19. Hey doctor, my wife took 0dimune for the first time and she is pregnent. Is it normal for her to halucinate? and is Odimune too strong for her and the baby?

  20. Why not try to talk about this with your husband. It is difficult to comment otherwise. If your husband is on treatment there are lots of studies that also shows HIV is difficult to transmit. This may help if either of your are worried about intimacy because of HIV.

  21. Hahaha, I guess Metro finally wised up and dumped something that was so lame, cheap and cheesy. Even LAUSD telecommunications classes had better production values than Transit TV did!

  22. This is a giant mess. How are you supposed to put gooey brownie batter on top of liquid caramel? Plus a 9 inch square pan is way too small to hold the ingredients. I have caramel dripping all over my oven (yes, I’ve lined it because I knew this would happen). After the listed cooking time I’m starting to smell burnt caramel, yet the center of the brownie is still completely liquid. I have been baking for a long time and I’m really disappointed with this.

  23. Hi ‘ve jst started using odimune drugs,nd ‘m feeling kinda weird cos i vomit constantly nd go 2 the toilet,feel drowsy, hv headache and sometyms hv a blury vision.am i supposed 2 feel lyk this or is because ‘m pregnant and my cd4 count was above 350.so wht will happen when i stop thm after delivery wll i again feel sick lyk this.

  24. Hello, i study your website every now and then and i own a identical one and i was just thinking if you get a lot of junk comments? If so how do you quit it, any plug-in or anything you can recommend? I get so much lately it’s generating me insane so any assistance is very much valued.

  25. captainhardshell, you seem to enjoy idolizing Brad Warner. I bet you don’t really live a fulfilling life outside of sitting endlessly on the cushion, huh? I bet you enjoy idolizing your sensei too.

  26. Hi. I hear people always complaining about Tribuss and side effects. When I started treatment the side effects only last a for few days not even a week. I’m starting to worry if it could be that the drugs are resistant? Or is no longer working? I haven’t gone again yet for the second check ups and the CD4 etc. Thanks for your concern

  27. There are a few fascinating points over time on this page but I do not know if every one of them center to heart. There exists some validity but Let me take hold opinion until I look into it further. Great write-up , thanks and we want far more! Combined with FeedBurner at the same time

  28. I have just started with my treatment Atroiza on the 28 of may 2013. I take mine at night The first two days I felt numb and dizzy now I have a problem with sleeping, I would sleep for a few hours and find that 2-3hours I’m wide awake.

  29. I started using Tribuss for a month, now i am using Odimune. I have problem with acid before I started the medication, I just find out that I have ulcers. I want to know if this is side effect and i have been using ulcer treatment for 3wks but I still experience the samething every morning. Please help!

  30. Your books have meant a lot to me and I reflexively found myself jumping to your defense on the Sweeping Zen website. As a childhood victim of therapists and their big pharma masters the language of her article really bothered me. I railed against her in the comments section as childishly as any zen teacher. I think the big question for me is, is there any benefit to practicing buddhism? It all seems pretty pointless to me. I’ve seen no evidence that long-time practitioners are any happier or wiser than anyone else and they kind of seem ill-suited to help anyone else. Anyone else finished with this sad theater? Who says there has to be answers anyway?

  31. “Why is all the Zen interaction on the web seemingly about how everyone else is wrong and an idiot and doesn?t get ?it? (just read the comments sections here and on sweeping zen for numerous examples)?”

  32. Cosmic, I often thank the universe that I am not coming up in college now. At 62, I am still looking for work, and I still believe the same things you do about the toxicity of our society. It all seems pretty pointless when what we study doesn’t seem to relate to a job that will help better the world, I agree. Maybe I’m fooling myself when I say that I assumed my job all along was to experience the truth that the great religions all describe and then find a way to contribute to making that experience more common in our society. That made the work world my second job, as it were, and a lot of places want more commitment than that; I’ve met great people who were willing to employ me regardless, so it’s not hopeless.

  33. Thanks for your email. These symptoms are not side effects normally associated with Odimune. It’s important that you discuss these with a doctor incase they are a sign of another infection or illness.

  34. For the love of god please leave them off. They are loud and annoying and make it hard to hear announcements and stop notifications. If you do turn them back on at least make them silent.

  35. In my dreams, my lion is white or invisible, and I call him The Professor as he sometimes shape-shifts. He is never scary or threatening, instead, he is my protector and teacher. He often asks me questions, sphinx-like, to guide me in the direction I should go or help me find the answers I’m seeking.

  36. Hi! I am writing to you because I’m also a daydreamer and a dreamer, and we are alike, but most importantly because my guide is a white owl. I came this page because I thought mine would be a wolf so I had to read what it was about. I too had recurring nightmares of a lone wolf from ages 6 to 12-ish. It scared me then badly. But today it is my favorite animal. So majestic, powerful, and disciplined. I’m not necessarily a man of God(not against either), but I send my good energy and clarity to you from an Owl to a Wolf… because if you are going to fill some shoes, you might as well make them big ones.

  37. I want to know what to do because I work shifts and these tablets make me dizzy , I want to know if its possible to change and drink them at any time of the day depending on my shifts or should I stick to the time that I am taking them everyday?

  38. Did you use the peanut butter chips? Was the brownie cooked for the recommended time before you put the peanut butter chips on it? Did you use all of the caramel?

  39. I had a dream of a 3 headed black horse . A deserted road…. or street . I could not see the lines, so i assumed its just a road DESERTED because i see color in my dreams i like to observe everything in the dream when i can. The sky or surrounding area was orange as a desert.the sky and ground. There were people walking down this road dressed in white then i see a bride.then after the bride right before i wake up i see the black horse with three heads. It was not really doing anything it just appeared. Was not weird looking and did not walk. I also have had dreams of other black animals before and i found out way later what it means. But this dream in still wondering. Its been at least 9 years ago. And i still don’t know why. Or what it means.

  40. I have just started with my treatment Atroiza on the 28 of may 2013. I take mine at night The first two days I felt numb and dizzy now I have a problem with sleeping, I would sleep for a few hours and find that 2-3hours I’m wide awake.

  41. I have been going through some challenging times lately. I have an attraction towards long legs. Do not ask me why. Yesterday I went to see Sumatra Tigers at a Park and today walking in a populated area near a lagoon after seeing a bunch of white birds at a distance fly back and forth I saw a coyote run in front of me from a golf area across a street to another bushed area before the next golf area. Yes it did look at me. I feel guilty as I told the people at the resort about it and hope it’s smart enough not to get caught. Then I looked this up. Amazing to think of an animal being a spirit that is watching over me and yes I could do with some nice surprises soon.

  42. The only thing good about the place is the cool climate, all others things are eye sore. The whole place is a disaster waiting to happen (again). Be ready with your emergency contingency plans.

  43. hi my girlfriend she is HIV positive and we being sleeping together for 8 month without condoms but i test negetive how possible is that? They said i must return after 6 week if is still negetive am i haven’t got HIV?

  44. My viral load is 856 for over 3years I tested +, I am still on routine drugs, when will I start d main + drugs… Again Hw can I get a + man for marriage course am of age nw,am about 25+. I cannot change d situation’so I have no option than to accept it…

  45. Just found out that Im HIV positive last month and my cd4 is 292 doctor said I must start using the ARV and I had a miscargde in Feb so I did a papsmear results came back saying i have lites dots of cancer with infections but the doctor said the cancer can dissapear but its depending on my health Im scared to take the treatment will I be able to have kids again

  46. This varies a lot between different people. Usually within a week or two it should get better. If it continues than talk to your doctor about this.

  47. Cosmic, I often thank the universe that I am not coming up in college now. At 62, I am still looking for work, and I still believe the same things you do about the toxicity of our society. It all seems pretty pointless when what we study doesn’t seem to relate to a job that will help better the world, I agree. Maybe I’m fooling myself when I say that I assumed my job all along was to experience the truth that the great religions all describe and then find a way to contribute to making that experience more common in our society. That made the work world my second job, as it were, and a lot of places want more commitment than that; I’ve met great people who were willing to employ me regardless, so it’s not hopeless.

  48. I enjoy NBC 4 clips…the worst of those beats is the three guitar chords and drums for Safety Zone and the piano in Explore your mind. There is good information in the features though.

  49. Hi Amadeu, I don’t know that my French skills are very good but I try. I have over the last few years traveled a lot to Brussels to perform; if I a going back I shall let you know. I will be performing in Spain this year too but not beautiful Catalonia. Wishing you well. Alyth

  50. Atroiza and Atripla both contain the same active drugs, just made by different manufacturers. You should not noticed any difference between them. Please note that we are not doctors.

  51. Good luck n high hopes that you have a safe n successful visit to the nest box. Can’t imagine the owls would be aggressive now. Maybe a fantastic sighting again!

  52. Добрый день. Я столкнулся с необходимостью переустановки операционной системы на своем компьютере, после чего активировать программу LINKOSCOP приобретенным ключом не получается. Каким образом можно активировать программу?

  53. Hi, I am in relatioship with an hiv positive woman and i am nagative i love her so i wna if we take our relationship 2 de next level. She says she needs a child next year and i also do so hw is de risk of there will i be positive too?

  54. panawagan sa mga mamamayang pilipino na may ginituang puso. sana po ay dagdagan pa natin, sa abot ng ating makakaya, ang tulong na kinakailangan ng ating mga kababayan na nasalanta ni yolanda.

  55. I don’t know if was dreaming it didn’t feel like a dream. I remember going to bed and waking up in cave. I slowly opened my eyes laying next a fire lighting the cave just a little light. Enough to I was in a cave I jump to my feet looking around for something I thought was lost or might of died. It was a weird wanton feeling. But there she was not dead not lost my wolf I hug her stroke her dead told her I missed. I stand up look out the cave opening into a dark forest I feel the night breeze on my face; and asked she if she if was ready (She was her name). she walks to my side and rubbed me I told her ” remember stay by side run with me.we begin to run I feel the forest a euphoric feeling fills my body. And im sitting up in my bed eyes wide open……. SAYING TO MYSELF MY WOLF SHE IS ALONE.

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