6 Tips For A More Youthful, Healthier And Glowing Skin

It’s never to late to start looking after your skin.

Women all over the world spend a lot of money on their beauty and skin products. All this, in an attempt to look better. Stick to these 6 basic skincare principles for a healthy, youthful and more radiant skin.

1. Anything that comes into direct contact with your skin needs to be clean.

Dirt, excess makeup, and oil left on the skin can clog pores and make the skin look rough, tired, and uneven. Keeping the skin free from all these things is important not only for our skin to look its very best. Always wash your hands before you start your skin care regimen. Try not to touch your face if you can. “Every time you touch your face, you run the risk of transferring something onto your skin. Make sure your makeup brushes are cleaned on a regular basis and the same thing goes for your telephone,” says Jacqui Carter, Skin and Beauty expert and Herbalife,“You would be surprised how many people complain about one side of their face having breakouts only to realize that it’s the side they hold their grimy phone against when they talk.”

2. Refresh your skin

Cleansing is a vital part of any skincare routine and often the most overlooked. It is the first step to getting a radiant, healthy complexion. Proper cleansing rids the skin of excess oil, dirt and make-up, rebalances the skin and prepares the skin for the absorption of other products. A good idea is to double cleanse your face at night; first to remove your make up and the other to clean the skin.

1240x660_Jody3. Beware of the sun

Want to limit the first signs of aging? Stay out of the sun. The sun’s rays not only burn the skin (UVB rays) they also age the skin (UVA rays). Skin cancer aside, which is everyone’s main concern, the sun’s rays are responsible for skin spotting and discolouration, freckling, fine lines and course wrinkles, and the destruction of elastin and collagen tissue that can lead to sagging skin and wrinkles. Never go into the sun without wearing a product that contains SPF (Sun Protection Factor). SPF products are available as daytime facial moisturizers, body lotions, cosmetics, hair care products, you name it. There are no excuses when it comes to incorporating SPF into our daytime skin care regimen. From lip products to eye products there are always options that contain sun protection. Jacqui advises that we look for products containing SPF 30 or more for daily protection. If you’ll be swimming or sweating, choose a product that’s water resistant and remember you must reapply throughout the day for maximum protection. “Stay covered up—a wide brimmed hat, big sunglasses, gloves and even a shady tree can help keep your skin protected. If your skin is exposed and is unprotected, it’ll most likely suffer the damaging effects of the sun. Keep yourself covered up with SPF and articles of clothing whenever you’re in the sun,” Says Jacqui.

4. Exfoliate

Renew your complexion by removing the layers of dead skin that have built up and stripped 
your skin of its shine.
 Exfoliating 1-3 times a week helps to get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells, allowing your moisturiser to penetrate deep enough to rehydrate the skin, leaving it looking brighter and softer. You could also visit your beauty therapist for an exfoliation and moisturising treatment such as the DMK Enzyme Therapy Treatment. This is perfect for removing damaged skin cells. It tightens, tones and firms the skin, leaving it looking fresher and younger. You could also try RF(radio frequency facials) and microdermabrasion. “Not only will a good scrubbing reveal the youthful skin cells beneath the dead skin cell build up, it also removes the barrier that prevents our skin care products from penetrating into the,” says Jacqui, “So, if you want your products to deliver their maximum benefits, you must exfoliate on a regular basis.”

5. Moisturize all day every day

Another important factor in maintaining a youthful, vibrant skin is moisturizer. Choose
 products that will address your main skincare concerns such 
as dullness, fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin texture or dryness. Add a serum to your routine for an extra moisture boost as these generally absorb faster and penetrate deeper than most creams or lotions. Invest in a daytime moisturizer and a rich night cream. It is also important for the body as well. Make it part of your daily regimen to moisturize, from head to toe, every day. “Apply your body moisturizer when you first get out of the shower while skin is still damp. This will help to maximize the moisture already in the skin, which the product can help you retain,” advises Jacqui.

6. Take your vitamins

When we were kids our parents told us to eat our vegetables if we want glowing skin and good eyesight. They weren’t just trying to get you to eat! Ensure that you are taking in adequate amounts of fruit and vegetables. You could also try a multivitamin tablet. There are also many variants that are specifically formulated for your hair, skin and nails. Ask your pharmacist which ones would work best for you.

Model with sunhat: Jody Calitz




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The post 6 Tips For A More Youthful, Healthier And Glowing Skin appeared first on Healthy NutriMania.

Source: Healthy Nutrimania

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