Camping Season: Tips to keep Clean.

The warmer weather is finally here, and we’ve started to think about all of those summer adventures that we’ve got planned. Camping is right at the top of our list, but as all of our equipment – tents, sleeping bags etc. – have been hidden away in storage all winter, we’ve may have some damage control to do first! Mold and mildew can very easily form on your camping gear if it wasn’t perfectly stored in the right conditions, so we’ve got some tips for how to treat foul odours and mildew stains. We’ll also give you some tips on how to prevent it from happening next time – it’s easy, once you know how.

How to Clean a Tent with Mold or Mildew

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Mold and mildew grows quickly on fabric that isn’t 100% dry. In fact, these spores can form in as little as 24-48 hours! This results in that damp, musty smell that makes a tent seem anything but inviting. A common question that we’re asked at this time of year is how to remove mold or mildew from my tent: and while many people may consider bleach their number one option, this is strictly NOT the way to go.  Bleach is toxic, and you certainly do not want to breathe in the leftover fumes overnight in a confined environment such as a sealed, waterproof tent. As well as this, using bleach will likely severely damage the delicate fabrics of camping equipment, causing discolouration and decreasing the effectiveness of any waterproof barriers the material may have. This is the same reason why you should never wash your tent in a washing machine – the harsh agitation can cause damage to the fabric and any special coatings that protects you from the elements.

Warm, soapy liquid will do the trick if the mold/mildew damage is very light, but this won’t stop the mold spores forming again, leaving you with the same problem repeated shortly afterwards. What you really need is a non-toxic solution that won’t cause any harm to you, your environment or your equipment and that will also destroy the mold spores at the root. That’s where Concrobium Mold Control comes in! Spray the solution onto the surface of the affected area, and allow to dry thoroughly. If you are treating your tent, this is easiest to do when your tent is erected, and the material is taut, to ensure all areas are treated. As it dries, Concrobium will crush the mold spores at the root and kill any existing mold. Gently scrub/wipe the surface with a dampened to remove remaining mold residue. If you have deep, embedded mold staining, you may need to use Concrobium Mold Stain Eraser. After this is complete, reapply a light layer of Concrobium to ensure a layer remains on the surface, protecting your equipment from future mold growth. This will rid you of the problem, without any impact on the performance or water repellency of your tent.

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Save yourself the trouble of cleaning your camping equipment every time by ensuring that your tent is completely dry before storing it away after each trip. Air dry your tent as soon as you get home by opening all the doors and window flaps and laying it out to dry. A fresh flow of air will dry up any remaining moisture and help prevent mold and mildew from forming. When completely dry, keep it in a cool, dry area. To make sure your tent is 100% protected, add a Concrobium Moisture Grabber to your camping bag. This will suck up any excess moisture/humidity before mold and mildew gets the chance to form, leaving you more time to prep the barbeque and enjoy the great outdoors!

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Camping Season: Tips to keep Clean.
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